Establishing an Internet Presence for Therapists
Need MORE Clients?

Does Google Know who YOU are?

Are Your Marketing Efforts FAILING?

Do You have ANY Presence on the Internet?

At a Loss on HOW to Change These Things?
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                       An Internet Presence is Critical in this Changing Market.

                               Establishing an Internet Presence for Therapists
is your
                               ebook guide for only $14.95.  Twenty-nine pages of select information   
                               and resources that is comprehensive without being exhausting, so you   
                               don't have to shift through the chaff.  This includes over 50 websites  
                               with free information, services, and examples, as well as a handful of  
                               the best private practice books and ebooks.
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

                          Technical skills NOT needed to get started                  


                            How to Begin YOUR Internet Presence for FREE in Less than 30 minutes;  

                            Free Listing Sites for Your Practice;

                            Free Web Resource Materials Addressing these Issues; 

                            The Need for Your Own Website; 

                            Free and Low Cost Options for a Website;   

                            Which Paid Listing Sites are More Likely to Bring You Clients; 
                            How to Maximize the use of YOUR Time and Money to Get Clients;

                            Other Resources

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Establishing an Internet Presence for    
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